by Yasmina Reza

Translated by Christopher Hampton

Directed by Stephan Golux

Produced by
The Millbrook Playhouse
Mill Hall, Pennsylvania
July, 2003

Marc ~ Craig Bentley
Serge ~ Corey Patrick
Yvan ~ Matthew Lawler

Stage Manager ~ Courtney Oyama
Sets ~ Stephan Golux & Donavan Dolan
Lights ~ Jeremy J. Leclerc
Costumes ~ Ramona Broomer
Props ~ Mary Malmquist
Sound ~ Asa Kelley

Set design for ART shown from center. Set design for ART shown from right.


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Serge (Corey Patrick) relates the beginning of his loss of Marc's friendship. Marc (Craig Bentley) considers Serge's painting for the first time. Yvan (Matthew Lawler) introduces himself. Yvan (Matthew Lawler) shares the frustrations about his wedding with Marc (Craig Bentley). Yvan (Matthew Lawler) and Serge (Corey Patrick) argue over Marc's taste in art. Marc (Craig Bentley) derides any value Yvan (Matthew Lawler) feels for Serge's painting. Marc (Craig Bentley) takes homeopathic medicine to calm himself as Serge (Corey Patrick) lectures him about his taste in art. Yvan (Matthew Lawler) reads a pithy quote from his therapist as Marc (Craig Bentley) and Serge (Corey Patrick) listen in disbelief. Serge (Corey Patrick) desperately asks his erstwhile friend Marc (Craig Bentley) why it is impossible to love his painting; Yvan (Matthew Lawler) looks on. After Serge's challenge and invitation, Marc (Craig Bentley) draws a stick figure on Serge's painting while Yvan (Matthew Lawler) looks on in horrified amusement.


Directed by Stephan Golux, Millbrook's "Art" crackles with distinctly drawn characters... with solid acting from the three-man cast and Reza's award-winning script, "Art" is a pleasure to behold.
Jack Felix, Williamsport Sun Gazette, July 17, 2003 [Full Review]


Director Stephan Golux has, without a doubt, gotten the most out of this wonderful script... "Art" is a delight.
Melissa Lewis, Clinton County Record, July 16, 2003 [Full Review]


"Art" is nothing short of hilarious. The cast members kept the audience laughing from start to finish...
Jessica Savrock (Student Reviewer), The Lock Haven Express, July 11, 2003 [Full Review]