9th Street Water

by Michael Griffo

Directed by Stephan Golux

Produced by
Baby Monkey Productions, Inc.
at Altered Stages
New York City, New York
May, 2004

Vincenza ~ Meredith Lucio
Tonigirl ~ Elizabeth Wong
Kimmarie ~ Trista Dellyn
Jamie B. ~ Kerry Sullivan
Ritchie ~ John Goode

Stage Manager ~ Melon Wedick
Sets ~ Johannes Feder
Lights ~ Tim Cryan
Costumes ~ Meredith Cavanaugh
Set Assistant ~ Corey Noll
Lighting Assistant ~ Sheila Dawkins

Tonigirl (Elizabeth Wong) and Vincenza (Meredith Lucio) share a fond moment over a teen magazine.
Jamie B. (Kerry Sullivan) calms her fiery temper with a bit of yoga as Kimmarie (Trista Dellyn) waits to spill the beans about Ritchie's arrival.
Ritchie (John Goode) takes his first sip of drugged tea while the girls (Elizabeth Wong, Kerry Sullivan, Trista Dellyn, and Meredith Lucio) look on.
Ritchie (John Goode) waking up after being tied down by the girls (Meredith Lucio, Trista Dellyn, Elizabeth Wong, and Kerry Sullivan).
Vincenza (Meredith Lucio) asks Ritchie (John Goode) some pointed questions about his youth while Tonigirl (Elizabeth Wong) and Kimmarie (Trista Dellyn) look on.