"Both Ms. Smith-Cameron and Ms. O'Connell give glowing, dignified, heartfelt performances, directed without a trace of sentimentality by Stephan Golux."
-- Anita Gates,   New York Times

"Under the keen direction of Stephan Golux ... J. Smith-Cameron and Deirdre O'Connell turn in riveting performances that should not be missed."
-- Amy Krivohlavek,   Curtain Up

"Stephan Golux directs with a firm hand, combining pace and pleasing restraint."
-- Karl Levett,   Backstage

"Stephan Golux's direction is sharp and incisive and thoughtful."
-- Martin Denton,   NYTheatre.com


I can try not to cry This is Saul! You must explain why this is an emergency Laura, right? You should have started herceptin twelve months ago. I keep picturing myself winning an award... I have a duplex on Blufton Lane... You look like you're at the beach! My wife was a crier. Can I get your name? I've heard that... there are no accidents. Every day I live my life! Charlie on the MBTA Fourteen Forty, Read Set Go.

Looking for the Pony

by Andrea Lepcio

Directed by Stephan Golux

Produced by Vital Theatre Company
Off-Broadway, New York
January, 2009

ELOISA: J. Smith-Cameron
LAUREN: Deirdre O'Connell
MAN: Debargo Sanyal
WOMAN: Lori Funk

Scenic Designer: Adam Koch
Lighting Designer: Aaron Copp
Costume Designer: Matthew Hemesath
Sound Designer: Jessica Paz
Production Stage Manager: Bernita Robinson
Casting Director: Jack Doulin, C.S.A.

⇐ Photography: Ethan David Kent

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"...Stephan Golux infuses the proceedings with imaginative theatricality and emotional power..."
-- Frank Scheck,   New York Post

"The emotionally charged, rapidly paced journey is presented under the perceptive direction of Stephan Golux."
-- Diana Barth,   The Epoch Times