58K - The Pope (Paul Niebanck) is stuck with arms outstretched as Pialli (James Shanklin) and Sister Gabriella (Meg Brogan) pray and Professor Ridolfi (Obi Ndefo) looks on.

18K - Cardinal Stillaci (John Hines) attempting to draw his gun while Cardinal Pialli (James Shanklin) tries to keep it under wraps. 35K - Disguised Pope (Paul Niebanck) has revelation under questioning of Detective Sargeant Zoff (Gregory Sobeck) while Professor Ridolfi (Obi Ndefo) and the drug addicts Alfredo (C.S. Lee) and Francesca (Tessa Auberjonois) look on.
The Pope and the Witch

by Dario Fo

Adapted by Stephan Golux and Melanie Deas from the Italian original and the translations and adaptations of Joan Holden and Andy de la Tour

Directed by Stephan Golux

Yale School of Drama
University Theatre
October/November 1996

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56KB - Professor Ridolfi (Obi Ndefo) and Elisa (Amy Cronise) are greeted at the Vatican by a Pope dummy behind a curtain in the Pope's chambers.

51KB - Cardinal Stillaci (John Hines) attempts to shoot the taunting Elisa (Amy Cronise) while Cardinal Pialli (James Shanklin) struggles to disarm him.
54K - Elisa (Amy Cronise), held back by Professor Ridolfi (Obi Ndefo) taunts Cardinal Stillaci (John Hines), who is restrained from shooting her by Cardinal Pialli (James Shanklin). 67KB - Cardinal Pialli (James Shanklin) loses his cool when the Pope (Paul Niebanck) takes a liberal turn.  Cardinal Stillaci (John Hines) and the Guard Captain (Christopher Mattox) plot in the background. 42KB - Assasination of the Pope disguised as a Swiss Guard. 64KB - Pope (Paul Niebanck) rests his pathologically outstretched arms on his bow and his dummy while Cardinal Pialli (James Shanklin) strategizes for a cure while Professor Ridolfi (Obi Ndefo) and Sister Gabriella (Meg Brogan) look on. 21KB - Policeman (John Hines) begins the melee at the drug treatment center.

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Capo Commico
Stage Manager

Kris Stone
Aaron Copp
April Soroko
Malcolm Nicholls

Donald Forrest
Melanie Deas
J.P. Byrd
Tessa Auberjonois (Francesca, Nun); Meg Brogan (Sister Gabriella, Claudia); Amy Cronise (Elisa); Josh Foldy (Monsignor Faggio); John Hines (Cardinal Stillaci, Policeman); Kes Khemnu (Caresi, Guard, Monk); C.S. Lee (Alfredo, Guard, Brother Zebedee); Christopher Mattox (Roberto, Captain, Monk); Obi Ndefo (Professor Ridolfi); Paul Niebanck (Pope); James Shanklin (Cardinal Pialli); Gregory Sobeck (Detective Sergeant Zoff, Guard, Monk).